Straight From The Heart Medical Professionals, Inc.  |  Janns Villela

Janns Villela began his new life at the age of 15 years old, after a life changing traumatic event.  It was this event that put him on the path to being a medical professional and a career in healthcare. Mr. Villela first had to tackle the government becoming a permanent resident and accomplished this at the age of 21 years old and immediately started his quest in the healthcare arena.  Mr. Villela began with his healthcare career in Radiology at the Bryman School as a Practical Technologist in Radiology where he received his diploma and graduated in July of 2007 with a 3.5 GPA. Upon graduation Mr. Villela began his career as an x-ray technologist in the field of podiatry, in which he was employed for eight years.  During this time, Mr. Villela desired more of his career and entered Everest College in Phoenix, where he achieved his next degree with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing with a GPA of 3.2, in 2012.  While completing his education and working full-time in the healthcare arena, Mr. Villela completed his ultimate achievement and became a US Citizen in 2014.  


In January 2016, Mr. Villela joined the family at Straight From The Heart Medical Professionals, Inc. and brought with him, not only his compassion, dedication, and loyalty to providing holistic health care, but his love of his family, and ALL those around him.  Mr. Villela’s goal is to provide superior quality health care to everyone.  Lastly, Mr. Villela is able to complete this in both English and in Spanish, his first language.



Associates Degree in Nursing

Everest College Phoenix, Phoenix,Arizona

January 2010-July 2012


Practical Technologist in Radiology and Medical Assisting

The Bryman School, Phoenix,Arizona

July 2006-July 2007