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Sherry’s Philosophy:

Today’s society is on the threshold of unprecedented risk. The future of our country depends on the health and condition of all individuals and the quality and strength of our families. Many individuals in our country are deprived of medical services, family services, and proper preventative medical treatment and the accessibility of services at affordable costs.

Many of our families and individuals suffer due to the lack of proper medical care, preventative care, accessibility to care or treatment or the knowledge of services available. Our system of intervention must be strong and consistent to ensure a safe and productive future for all.

Straight From the Heart Medical Professionals, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and society receive medical care and treatment in all stages; preventative, primary; secondary, and tertiary. Our emphasis is on providing quality care to those in need to assure that all children, individuals, and families are able to maintain healthy lives.


Sherry Lee Young, MSN, FNP-C

Janns Villela

Mauro Salazar, BHT